Fisplay Multiple Display System– Your’e always in control.

Manage local and off-site information displays from your phone, tablet or laptop. All you need is internet access.
Fisplay is a modern solution for managing information displays. Whether your needs are small or large you will be able to present your material at the right time and at the right place, with convenience at your fingertips. Whether you want to increase your sales through advertising, create an impact or share important information with your staff, or even a lunchtime food menu- this is the easy solution.
The clear and simple user interface guides you step by step in managing content.

Manage displays from laptops or mobile devices. No software downloads, not updates. Internet access is all you need. Content is managed via a cloud service where it is transmitted to information displays. The material is stored in the system cache and therefore does not burden the network. You can use a variety of different sized screens and share playlists.
Aluminium-framed 49" display stand is a great way to deliver your message with style and portability.
The interface is clear and easy to use.
Create playlists
You can create different playlists and share them with individual screens or screen groups all over the world.
Schedule displays
Define the display time and duration.
Split and share your screen
You can split the screen using ready-made templates or by customizing your company's needs with appropriate sections. For example, one section could be a logo, the other a video, the third part could be part of a news reel, the fourth, service announcements or advertisements. You decide. Call us today.

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